DMS Commercial Price List


Data Monitor Systems, Inc. (DMS) is a diversified services company providing logistical, transportation, facilities, airfield, and clerical services for Government customers.  We intend to grow our business to support commercial activities as well. 

DMS currently provides:

  • Base Supply Services – warehousing storage, issue, receiving, as well as management of shelf life, deployable assets, and weapons,
  • Transportation Services – preventative maintenance and non-recurring repair of general purpose and special purpose vehicles that are customer owned assets; coordination and management of GSA assets assigned to the installation, and driving services for authorized Government customers
  • Traffic Management Services – receipt and preparation of parcels, packages, and shipping pallets via commercial and military conveyance for both ground and air transportation
  • Facility Maintenance Services – preventative maintenance and inspection of Government-owned facilities and infrastructure systems.  Qualified maintenance staff also provide repairs of facility systems that restore operational capability as necessary.  We coordinate or complete minor construction projects and assist our Government customer, as desired, for projects that are beyond the scope of services
  • Grounds Maintenance Services – recurring mowing, weed control, and pest management of customer acreage
  • Fuels Management – aviation fuel delivery and management for home station and transient customers.  We also provide ground petroleum product delivery and management for organizational customers, to include fuel delivery for generator support.
  • Airfield Management – we provide Subject Matter Expert support in the management of airfield activities, construction projects, and daily operational support of pilots flying, to, from and through the installation airfield.
  • Weather Services – we provide weather forecasting and observation services in support of installation mission requirements as well as safety of installation personnel.

We support a broad range of Government customers and enjoy long term relationships with many of our business partners.


This Price List was developed to provide potential DMS commercial customers a listing of our labor categories and hourly rates. The list was developed with a modest escalation to account for increases in the cost labor for future years. Additional labor categories will be added to the list when available.