NOAA Pacific Regional Center, HI

The Pacific Services Center (PSC), a regional office of NOAA's Coastal Services Center, contributes to the development of vibrant, sustainable coastal communities. Our island-based philosophy and collaboration with partners, clients, and other NOAA offices ensure that our products and services reflect local diversity combined with global perspectives.  NOAA is in the process of developing a new campus on Ford Island where our Team will provide multi-functional services to the Center campus.

Currently, our staff is responsible for providing logistics and mail management services for the Center.  We are in the process of consolidating all logistics assets from 19 Line Office locations across the Main Island into a single, centralized warehouse location.  We are developing a customized logistics solution to control and maintain a diverse asset class to meet mission requirements across the Pacific region. Logistics services include internet based material and inventory management, bar-coding, life cycle management, depot repair support and deployment kitting.  Mail services are also provided for campus offices and additional functional support will be added to this contract as construction and migration of staff is completed.