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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


Logistics Support Services

DMS provides Base Logistics Support Services (LSS), including Materiel Management, Transportation, and Maintenance Services at Wright-Patterson AFB.  We furnish all labor, supervision, facilities, vehicles, equipment, tools, materials, and other items supporting this contract. 

Material Management functions include Customer Support, Stock Control, Research, Record Maintenance, Equipment Management Document Control, Demand Processing/MICAP, Bench Stock, and Information Systems Support.

Transportation functions include Passenger and Cargo Movement, Traffic Management Office (TMO), and Small Air Terminal Operations.

Maintenance functions include Transient Aircraft (TA) and Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Maintenance.

316 S Midwest Blvd Suite A, Midwest City, OK 73110

Mon - Fri:   7:30AM–4:30PM
Sat - Sun:   Closed

Phone: (405) 737-7950

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